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As our Developer Advocate you represent GitLive to developer communities all around the world and help inspire new and existing developers use GitLive with their teams. We are looking for someone with prior experience as a Developer Advocate or someone who wants to step away from day-to-day engineering and/or management and start driving product adoption and community growth.


You will need to bring in a mix of experience from engineering, product and marketing to educate and inspire our userbase about our tool. It will be your job to demonstrate how GitLive increases developers productivity and why it makes communication between developer teams more pleasant.

You will receive a lot of authority and independence, the opportunity to participate and grow with the success of a very promising startup as well as the ability to create a name for yourself online.

As a Developer Advocate, you’ll establish strong relationships with developers around the world in a scalable way, by crafting great resources to help developers use GitLive with their team, including samples, blog posts, and documentation. You’ll foster developers communities, championing their interests and translating their feedback into actionable product insights

You will:

  • Create momentum and drive adoption of the platform through your interactions with developers and businesses using GitLive.
  • You will produce content through any medium you deem best suited i.e blog posts, case studies, videos, podcasts, tutorials, webinars and others.
  • You will distribute the content through the right channels (developer hubs, websites, conferences etc.)
  • Identify strategic partnership opportunities to grow our developer community.
  • You will be iterating on the right message you want to deliver by analyzing how certain content or ads performed, whether we reached our goals and how it can be improved.

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