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GitLive is built on the shoulders of giants, meaning we set out to avoid recreating the wheel by building everything in-house from scratch. Instead we leverage cloud / serverless technology as much as possible to accelerate development and lower maintenance cost.

And that’s where GCP fits in, and in particular; Firebase - originally designed as a backend for mobile apps, Google later adding support for web apps, we retrofitted Firebase to work on the desktop too. This could also be where you fit in if you are a backend engineer who enjoys all things GCP/Firebase!


TypeScript, Node.js, Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, Firestore, SAML, GitHub API, GitLab API, Atlassian APIs, Azure DevOps API, Slack API, Microsoft Teams API


This role requires strong TypeScript skills and experience developing and scaling a serverless architecture on the Google Cloud Platform. Also ensuring efficient use of Cloud Functions and Firestore to avoid spiraling costs as our service scales.

In addition experience in the following is highly desirable:

  • Building integrations with repository hosting, issue tracking, and instant messaging services
  • Building the security features expected in modern enterprise cloud services including Single Sign On (SSO), audit logging, compliance certifications and regulatory requirements

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