Full Time

From humble beginnings JetBrains have grown to be a major force in the developer tools industry. With over 10 IDEs with a total market share of 50% it is essential the GitLive plugin provides a first-class experience on the IntelliJ Platform.

This role requires a mastery of the IntelliJ Platform’s powerful but complex API and focuses on the user interface of the plugin rather than the business logic.


Kotlin, Java, IntelliJ Platform, Eclipse SDK, Swing, Kotlin coroutines, Java profiling, Proguard, Android SDK


This role requires a developer with direct experience of developing IntelliJ platform and/or Eclipse plugins. Also, a high proficiency in Kotlin is required including the coroutines library (especially flows). Ensuring developers have the best experience possible inside IntelliJ /Eclipse will be your responsibility; this includes designing the UI/UX of GitLive’s plugin plus monitoring and fixing bugs and gathering and acting on user feedback.

A strong background in Java is essential as many of the IntelliJ Platform’s APIs are undocumented and requires digging around in the IntelliJ open source code. In addition, experience with JCEF and HTML/CSS/JS proficiency is highly desirable.

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