Full Time

As real world uses of Kotlin Multiplatform go GitLive is probably one of the coolest going. We share the majority of our plugin code across IDEs running on different platforms such as IntelliJ (JVM) and VSCode (Node/JS).

With mobile apps also in the pipeline we will take code reuse through Kotlin Multiplatform and Kotlin Native to a new level!


Kotlin, Kotlin Multiplatform, Kotlin JS, Kotlin Native, Kotlin Coroutines, Kotlin Serialization, TypeScript, JS, Java, Firebase, Realtime Database, Firestore


This role requires a deep understanding and experience of multiple programming languages (namely Kotlin, TypeScript, JS & Java).

In addition, Firebase experience is highly desirable. You should have plenty of hands on experience with Kotlin Multiplatform and a love for all things Kotlin that keeps you on the cutting edge (e.g you have already got your head around Coroutine’s Flows). Being such an early stage technology you are likely to be an active member of the community with activity visible on the Kotlin forums and open source projects. This can be as simple as bug reports on GitHub or the odd discussion thread on Discourse etc.

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