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Being developers’ ourselves we dog food our product on a daily basis but with the multitude of services we integrate with and configurations we support means manual QA testing plus a suite of automated UI tests are essential to ensuring the quality of our service.

Testing plugins is hard and requires great attention to detail. For example, in addition to having different operating systems to contend with, you have different versions of the host application (in our case the IDEs) to consider too. Our testing approach is based on Behavior Driven Development (BDD), our objective is to maintain a comprehensive set of generic behavioral specifications (written in Gherkin) which we can execute manually and automated across all platforms and configurations we support.


BDD, Gherkin, Selenium, CucumberStudio, Multiplatform testing, Java Desktop / Swing GUI testing, Electron GUI testing, Android App testing, iOS App testing


This role would suit someone with direct experience of manual testing and a familiarity of programming with a desire to get into automated testing. An understanding of the basics of software development including version control (Git) is essential in understanding our service and problems it's trying to solve. Your responsibility would be to ensure the quality of our service, this would include manual testing of new releases, investigation and reproduction of reported issues and the writing of behavioral specifications for new features as they are developed.

You would also be responsible for overseeing the development of automated tests. Our development team would be on hand to help you and assist with the development of platform-specific code required for running automated UI tests whilst you would maintain the platform-agnostic code and ensure the behavioral specifications are written in a way to make them suitable for automated testing.

Any previous experience of the technologies listed for this role, especially Cucumber and Selenium is highly desirable.

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