Full Time

Visual Studio Code has grown to be one of the most popular code editors around, and its essential GitLive provides a first-class experience for developers using VSCode.

This role involves getting creative with VSCode's straightforward but limited API and requires strong UX/UI skills.


TypeScript, VSCode API, Atom SDK, Electron, Node.js, HTML/CSS, Webpack, Chrome, Native Node Modules


This role requires a front-end developer with direct experience of developing VSCode extensions and/or Atom packages. Also, a more in-depth understanding of Electron is highly desirable. For example, knowing what to do with a native stack trace from an 'Extension Host crashed' error.

Ensuring developers have the best experience possible inside VSCode/Atom will be your responsibility; this includes designing the UI /UX of GitLive’s extension plus monitoring and fixing bugs and gathering and acting on user feedback. Strong HTML/CSS skills are essential as you will be tasked with implementing the style and functionality of custom UI elements rendered via web views.

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